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Finch (2021)
Post-apocalypse. Darkness reigned all around. And on the wreckage of the old reality roboticist Finch and his faithful dog wander. The man understands that he does not have long to live, and after himself he will not be able to leave anything. And the main character does not even have anyone to entrust the care of his dog, which went with him through the post-apocalypse, helping to maintain his strength, the desire to live and a sober mind. In order not to leave with a heavy heart, the engineer decides to recreate a semblance of life.
Finch assembles a robot and goes on a journey with him in order to teach the iron creation to love, befriend, hope, dream and feel. Will the iron companion be able to adopt from the creator everything that is characteristic of living beings? Time will show. The main thing is that the small company can achieve the goal before one of them goes astray.