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Fear the Walking Dead: Season 7

The Beacon

Fear the Walking Dead: Season 7 (2021)
Nick Clarke is an experienced drug addict. Therefore, when a 19-year-old boy wakes up unconscious in an unfamiliar place, it does not surprise him. This has happened more than once! But further events make him run out of the building in horror. He saw the corpses of two friends with strange wounds all over their bodies. But the most terrible sight awaited him ahead - his girlfriend Gloria. She bent over the body and eagerly devoured its flesh. Already on the street Nick looked around and realized that he was in Los Angeles, in one of the famous drug den. When Nick tried to escape from the horror he saw, he was hit by a car.
At the Hospital, the guy tried to tell what he saw last night. At first, no one believed him. Doctors are sure that everything told is all just hallucinations that have arisen due to drug use. But in the near future, both doctors and Nick's parents will have to believe him ... The next morning, a real panic will begin in the city, hundreds of videos with various oddities will be posted online, the authorities will close educational institutions, and the number of corpses will continue to grow. Nick's family will decide to leave the city. But it will be far from easy to implement the plan.

Six Hours

Cindy Hawkins

Breathe with Me

Till Death


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