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Doom Patrol: Season 3

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Doom Patrol: Season 3 (2021)
His name is Dr. Niles Caulder. He assembled a squad of outcast outcasts and called it the Doom Patrol. In his house, each of them will find a temporary home and find the meaning of their future existence.
Each of them has superpowers and a difficult life path. In 1948 Eric Morden participates in an experiment of a German Nazi and turns into a Metahuman. In 1988, Cliff Steele crashes during another NASCAR race, but he is rescued by a brilliant scientist who, 7 years later, transfers a man's brain into a robot. Rita Farr, an actress from the 50s, is exposed to the toxin during filming, as a result of which she acquires an unprecedented plasticity. American military man Larry Trainor in 1960 receives a charge of negative energy. Inside, Jane has 64 personalities, and each of them has unprecedented talents. They have forgotten their former names. Now they are Robotman, Crazy Jane, Cyborg, Elastigirl and Negative Man. Their goal is to rid mankind of various evil spirits.

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