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DC's Legends of Tomorrow: Season 7

The Bullet Blondes

DC Legends of Tomorrow: Season 7 (2021)
The distant year 2166. The insidious Vandal Savage has taken over the universe. A powerful villain plunged the whole world into chaos, killed thousands of people. But even this is not enough for him. Savage intends to destroy all good on earth and make evil the ruling force. Rip Hunter, a time traveler, manages to learn about Vandal's plans and see a terrible future. Realizing that this should never be allowed, Hunter decides to stop the villain at all costs. Using his gift of time travel, Rip travels back in time, exactly one hundred and fifty years ago, at a time when the insidious Savage had not yet begun to implement his insidious plan. Here Rip intends to assemble a team of superheroes capable of defeating Savage. But it turns out to be not so easy to carry out what was planned. Hunter has to deviate from his own principles and ask for help even from criminals.
Realizing the importance of the mission entrusted to them, the team assembled by Hunter prepares to engage in a battle with a powerful villain. But problems start to arise out of the blue. The rescuers of humanity themselves turn out to be so different that quarrels arise between them every now and then. But very soon everyone realizes that the future may never come. This means that their own squabbles will have to be postponed for later and start saving the world from an impending catastrophe.

The Need for Speed

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