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Chicago P.D.: Season 9


Chicago PD: Season 9 (2021)
In the center of the plot of the series, the life of employees of the police department, located in Chicago, is shown. This police department is no different from others - it also has built its own relationships and there are employees who serve not for the good of the homeland, but to achieve selfish goals. Events are developing around two groups. The first group consists of simple patrol police officers who investigate small-scale crimes. Obviously, such a position does not enjoy special prestige, so many of them want to get promoted up the career ladder and start investigating large cases, in fact, which is what the second group is doing.
An elite team focused on catching dangerous criminals, including murderers and drug dealers. At the head of this group is Sergeant Hank Voight, who was able to gain a reputation as a true leader during his service. Every newcomer wants to be under his leadership. The main thing that unites all law enforcement officers is the constant moral and physical stress, which subsequently affect their personal life. Police officers often have to clash with their family members, who cannot always endure constant calls for potentially dangerous cases.


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