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Benedetta (2021)
The story is set in Italy. With the advent of the Renaissance, a lot of new things have appeared in the world. Everything seemed so beautiful and amazing. The old days seemed to be over, and a bright future lay ahead. But besides the fact that this magnificent time was only gaining momentum, in those days there was a lot of things that are not customary to talk about now. For example, during the Renaissance, the Holy Inquisition had not yet been eliminated, destroying entire villages and cities at its own discretion, terrorizing women and men, accusing them of having connections with the devil.
The main character of the story is a nun who sees erotic images in her dreams. Ahead of the heroine, moments of testing await, the woman falls in love with a new novice, and somewhere out there, in the depths of her consciousness, she perfectly understands that this connection is not welcomed by the local community. For this you can fall into the hands of the inquisitors, as well as end up on their fire ... In spite of the main character, the new novice is a daring girl with passions inside, with eyes burning like fire. Two nuns become mistresses, but that's just not good.