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What If...? (TV Series)

What If... Captain Carter Were The First Avenger?

Marvel's What If...? (TV Series)
Every fan of Marvel comics wondered what would happen if your favorite characters did not make certain fatal decisions. For example, if Thor at the last moment would still hit with an ax not in the shoulder, but in the head of Thanos. The answers to the most burning of such questions are given in small episodes, reshaping the plots of familiar films of the fourth stage of the development of the MCU. In the first episode, Peggy Carter takes the Super Soldier serum instead of the well-known "Captain America" Steve Rogers. This creates a chain of events that turns the history of the United States upside down.
In each new episode, the intensity of incredible events only grows. Good superheroes find themselves on the side of the villains because of an unexpected turn of events or a banal accident. Invincible titans die, and petty crooks gain power and strength. All this is competently inscribed in the framework of the logic according to which the entire universe of films from a renowned studio works. In addition, favorite characters appear in a new light and are revealed as ordinary people, having lost their superpowers. After all, it is difficult to react as emotionally to life events when you see the future or live eternity. New superheroes also do not fade in front of their alternative versions from the main cast, often showing great ingenuity and imagination in the critical situations in which they find themselves.

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