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The Walking Dead: Season 11

Acheron: Part I

The Walking Dead: Season 11 (2021)
The franchise is shot in the zombie apocalypse genre. A certain virus infects people, and after death they turn into zombies. We are not shown the beginning of the disaster: the creators have filmed a separate project for it. The plot of the main series begins when the protagonist of the first parts, Deputy Sheriff Rick Grimes, leaves the room and finds himself in an empty hospital. The hero leaves her, but the surrounding streets are also empty. The man rushes to the house to find out if everything is all right with his family. However, there is no one at home either. The man who occupied the neighbor's house says that most of the survivors managed to evacuate. Thus, if Rick's wife and son survived, they should be looked for in Atlanta. The same man briefly tells the hero what has happened since he fell into a coma. But the policeman already sees for himself: while he was sick, the end of the world happened.
Rick goes to the police to get a car and a weapon. He leaves town in search of his family. True, the fuel in the tank will soon run out, and you have to continue the journey on horseback. However, he makes it to Atlanta and finds his relatives in a refugee camp. But the adventures of the heroes do not end there. They have to learn to live in a new world, with different dangers and values. In the new reality, it is not money that is valued - it has become nothing. Now weapons, food, medicine are more important. But most importantly, for which the struggle is being waged between the numerous groups, into which humanity has crashed - a reliable refuge that can withstand the onslaught of the wandering dead. In addition, zombies are not the only danger. Gangs of marauders roam the area, which is more terrible than living corpses. They retain their senses, but are completely devoid of pity.
In the realities of the post-apocalypse, the characters of people are revealed from an unexpected side. A cornered weakling shows unexpected fortitude, and a timid, indecisive person suddenly becomes brave. But there are many who begin to demonstrate their darkest traits: selfishness, cowardice, heartlessness. The heroes have to decide who can be trusted in a given situation and who is best to stay away from.

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