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The Tax Collector

The Tax Collector (2020)
Genre: Action, Crime, Drama.
Released: 2020.
Director: David Ayer.
The main character is a man named David. Many years ago, his relatives moved from the United States to Mexico. And after a while the head of the family entered an influential criminal group that was involved in overseeing illegal business in Los Angeles. Thanks to the trust of local bandits, he was an advisor to one of the leaders of the criminal circles throughout his life. His sons and grandchildren followed in his footsteps.
Now self-confident David is part of the same group as his grandfather, who is no longer alive. The young guy is well versed in the criminal world. He squeezes money out of debtors who refuse to pay back loans from the mafia. He has a partner named Creeper, with whom he gets into dangerous situations. But, even this does not stop him from performing his duties.
But one day a new mafia group is formed in Los Angeles. She very quickly overwhelmed the small gangs, thus gaining an influential force. Less than a year later, the head of this clan offered the guy to work for him. But he categorically refused this offer, not wanting to be a traitor. Because of what the bandit begins to threaten reprisals against his family. Will the hero find a way out of this situation?