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The Commuter

The Commuter (2018)
Michael MacCauley works as an ordinary insurance agent who does not pretend to something unusual. He has long developed the same convenient route on which he gets to his place of work. As a rule, he takes the same suburban train and sets off on a journey, surrounded by the same, long-time familiar faces. But one day everything changes.
During one of his trips, a completely unfamiliar, random fellow traveler turns to him. She makes him a strange offer. According to him, Michael had the honor of becoming a member of an interesting experiment. Having fulfilled all the prescribed rules and finding a certain passenger on a train, he should receive a reward in the amount of 75 thousand dollars. Ulrich never for a moment thinks that someone is trying to draw into some kind of deadly conspiracy, where, under the inevitable threat, there will be not only his own life, but also the lives of people who are near him. From this point on, MacCauley will be given only one single stop when he must make the necessary decision. And the law of probability says: he has the opportunity to use one chance out of a thousand to win ...