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Ted Lasso: Season 2

Goodbye Earl

Ted Lasso: Season 2 (2021)
The main character Ted works as a coach in a small team. It develops young and talented footballers taking their first steps in Native American sports. The man does not strive for outstanding heights - he is satisfied with the work of the coach of a modest team, which from time to time gives amazing matches. However, soon he will receive an offer from which it will be impossible to refuse.
The man receives an invitation to Foggy Albion, where he will lead the team of the English Football League. But the letter is about real European football, not the American version. In Old World, the protagonist understands absolutely nothing. Despite this, Ted still decides to get to work. He will deal with the physics of the players, he will be able to organize training, but tactical schemes and numerous techniques are already a separate conversation. The protagonist has a lot to learn and earn praise from the players who, as is often the case in English football, are strong and resilient people who want to play active and tough football.


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