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Squid Game (TV Series)

Red Light, Green Light

Squid Game (TV Series)
Genre: Action, Drama, Mystery.
Released: 2021.
Creator: Hwang Dong-hyuk.
In the center of the plot is a guy named Gi-Hun. The hero lives in one of the provinces of South Korea. In life, he is constantly faced with bad luck. Once he was fired from his job. As a result, the guy lost hope for a bright future. His friend Sang-woo also needs money.
Suddenly, the heroes are sent an invitation to participate in a children's competition. Material encouragement to the winner of the tournament was a pleasant surprise. The guys decided to try their luck. Now they do not know that the organizers have deceived the applicants. In fact, the winner is the one who manages to survive in the competition for the main prize.


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