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Queenpins (2021)
Attractive girlfriends who are tired of routine and dare to commit an incredibly risky act become the central figures of the movie. One of them is a bored beauty named Connie. She is engaged in putting things in order in the house and does not work anywhere. She wants to radically change her own life and get unforgettable emotions. Her cute friend JoJo has her own blog and shares interesting stories with subscribers. She is also not against change.
Once smart and determined friends come up with an amazing idea. They figured out how to get rich quickly. To do this, you need to crank up one illegal business associated with the exchange of simple food coupons for a large sum of money. Thanks to their resourcefulness and ingenuity, lovely ladies become the happy owners of 40 million. They start spending dollars on stylish outfits and fancy cars. They manage to fly in a private jet and dine at an expensive restaurant. Soon, the newly minted wealthy attracts the attention of ambitious law enforcement officers. The police are trying to expose the cunning swindlers.