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Paranormal Activity: Next of Kin

Paranormal Activity: Next of Kin (2021)
A film about the story of young Margot, who was interested in her roots from an early age. The woman was brought up in a foster family, but she was aware that her bio mother came from a secluded group. From the stories of the mother who raised Margot, she knew little about the Amish, the lady did not really want to touch on the past. The innuendo and reticence only provoked the lady, and she decided to make a film about the community. Margot sets off on a long journey.
The Amish received the guest quite hospitably. The elder allowed the aspiring journalist to shoot and talk to all members of the group. Margot quickly got used to the way of life of the commune, learned rituals and traditions. She was extremely fond of living in the village, but after a few days she began to notice some oddities behind the inhabitants. The novice correspondent decided by all means, to find out the secret of the Amish. After a period of time, Margot manages to solve the riddle. The revealed truth not only led the lady into a nightmare, but also threatened her life.