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Green Book

Green Book (2018)
The plot of this movie is based on real events. It will focus on a black man who lived in a difficult time for all African Americans. In the sixties, racial prejudice had not yet left the minds of most of the country's inhabitants. And this is taking into account the fact that we have already managed to repeal many laws and concepts related to the violation of the rights of black people. But stereotypes still remained in people's minds, which were incredibly difficult to get rid of.
The protagonist has unprecedented popularity and gives concerts around the world. And at the moment he intends to go on a trip around the state in order to give a couple of concerts and catch his family at Christmas. That's just to work, he hires a person who is suitable for the role of a driver least of all in the world. They become a white man, simply not able to keep his mouth shut. He always says what he thinks, and also does not hesitate to use physical force if necessary. It will be disastrously difficult for people to get along in one car so diverse in character and belief. Will they be able to get to the destination safe and sound, without spoiling their holiday mood?