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Don't Breathe 2

Don't Breathe 2 (2021)
Many years after the death of his daughter and the robbery, the blind Special Forces soldier Norman found the meaning of life in the girl Phoenix. She became his daughter after she lost everything in a terrible fire due to the explosion of a chemical laboratory for the production of drugs. Gradually, due to the constant fear of loss, Norman's strict paternity turns into a real conflict with a girl who wants to get out into the city more often and make friends of her peers. But all the disagreements fade into the background when a group of criminals breaks into the house again. All of them are former military men who have gone through Iraq, and their goal is to kidnap Phoenix for the sake of big money. But even such training turns out to be insufficient, because a blind special forces soldier begins to hunt for them, not ready to again lose the most precious thing in his life.
The sequel changes the focus significantly. If the original offered to empathize with petty criminals who found themselves in a dark hell, then the sequel turns the recent villain into one of the main characters. True, it is not supposed to empathize with the blind old man, but with his daughter Phoenix, who is in trouble. The girl is the center of a new story. It is through her that we can discern the positive aspects of Norman and try to forget his atrocities. Now he becomes a stern defender, killing solely for a good purpose, and not hiding the secrets of his basement.
These changes were reflected in the style of the film. Now this is not a thriller about teenage survival in a house with a psycho, but a bloody massacre of an experienced killer. New opponents become a real threat, for which Norman has been preparing for many years after the events of the original. They are tough and well-armed military, ready to do anything to accomplish their tasks. It turns out to resist them only with ingenuity, complete disregard for fears and cruelty. The sequel noticeably added to the bloodiness and naturalism of the showdown, giving very creepy moments. Any improvised items in the form of pitchforks, hoes, gas cylinders, fittings and much more are used.
Due to the increased dynamics, the old tricks in the form of fear of making unnecessary sounds are also a thing of the past. Less effective is blindness, which now turns into a weapon. Norman has become noticeably better oriented in space, reacts much faster to what is happening and copes even with stronger opponents. In return, he receives only many injuries, but they can hardly be felt as a problem. Until he reaches the very end, injuries practically do not prevent the hero from moving on and killing anyone in his path.