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Le daim (2019)
Having bought a very expensive leather jacket, Georges becomes obsessed with his new thing. He decides to destroy all similar jackets - and it doesn't matter if the owners of the clothes suffer along with it. Georges leaves his wife, and he goes to a small village in the Alps, where he buys a leather jacket with fringes for a lot of money. And although the new thing is too small for him, Georges feels just great in it. Along with the jacket, the seller hands Georges a small video camera as a bonus.
The new jacket becomes Georges' passion. An obsessive thought comes to him that the object of his adoration should not have competitors. He loves the jacket to such an extent that he constantly talks to her, and one day she answers him. Georges settles in a small remote village on the pretext that he is making a film about his life - which is very impressive for the local barmaid Denise (Adele Enel). In fact, he is pursuing a secret goal. The madman intends to destroy all leather jackets that come his way, even if their owners sometimes fall under the distribution, complete with jackets.