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Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Season 8

The Good Ones

Brooklyn 9-9: Season 8 (2021)
The story is about a nimble cop who spits on the charter and refuses to obey the boss. An arrogant and incredibly irresponsible guy named Jake Peralta works in the police department. He knows how to do his job at the highest level, but does not always follow the established rules. Colleagues appreciate his professional qualities, but do not hesitate to call him a local clown. With enviable regularity, he comes up with various pranks and makes numerous friends take part in them.
He likes to bet on whether some law enforcement officer will uncover the next criminal case. Suddenly, a new head comes to the department. The black boss begins to find fault with the reckless Jake and demand that he go to the station exclusively in uniform. However, the self-confident and independent guy doesn't give a damn about conventions. He prefers to laugh it off and do as he pleases. Despite his eccentric nature, he is excellent at investigating controversial crimes and arresting cunning intruders. He also manages to find a lady of the heart and find true friends.

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