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Bohemian Rhapsody

Bohemian Rhapsody (2018)
Released: 2018.
Director: Bryan Singer.
Many years ago a group called Queen appeared in the music world. One of the fans of this group was a young man named Freddie Mercury, who decided to compliment the musicians by passing them. Freddie said that he also enjoys music and has quite good vocals, so the band members invited him to become a vocalist and try with them to perform at several concerts.
From that moment on, Freddie Mercury became a real star, together with the guys from the band he composed songs and gathered a huge audience. Soon the concept of music was changed, Queen decided to play something that they could sing along and play along with the audience. Thus, many countries fell in love with this group. But it so happened that Freddie Mercury was not quite a traditional way of life, after which he received health problems. The leader of the group understood that he did not have long to live, and he had practically no time, so he decided to invest fully in his music and become a celebrity for many years to come.