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Billions: Season 5

The New Decas

Billions: Season 5 (2020)
The dramatic series Billions tells the story of two smartest men. Their interests suddenly clashed and served as an impetus for a merciless war. One of them has a large financial empire, and he intends to protect it by any means. Another has a reputation as the best prosecutor.The protagonist is New York businessman Bobby Axelrod. He made a huge fortune on Wall Street. But, despite the situation, the man is engaged in charity. He sends incredible amounts to various funds and departments of the city. For such actions, society respects and loves him immensely. Finance revolves in the stock market, company success is growing, and Bobby is gradually getting closer to the people. One day, life confronts him with one no less intelligent private federal prosecutor.
Chuck Rhoades is a true professional in his work. Throughout his career, he has not lost a single case. On the account of the representative of the law are many uncovered crimes. In the financial sector is a big tidbit for him. Chuck gets thing docks that compromise Bobby Axelrod. There is evidence indicating that the businessman’s company is engaged in fraud to increase profits.Rhoades decides to prove to everyone that the pet of the public is a real criminal. He collects evidence, tries to convict the businessman of fraud and lies. As a result, Bobby stumbles, and the restless prosecutor immediately starts a case against him. Now it remains only to prove the fact of the crime, put the next open case on the shelf and appropriate another plus sign. However, there is a nuance. Spouse Chuck for many years working in the team of a billionaire. Will a principled statesman step over the interests of his beloved wife? And most importantly, who will win in a difficult battle?

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