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Bad Boys for Life

Bad Boys 3 (2020)
Mike Lowrey and Marcus Burnett are two loyal partners who have been with the police for over twenty years. Over the years of service, partners had to solve the biggest crimes in the city. So now Mike and Marcus are the real legends of the local police department, who are entrusted with the most complex investigations that their younger colleagues cannot handle. But bosses are increasingly doubting that veterans can cope with dangerous work alone. And after a series of setbacks, Mike and Marcus are being removed from another case, which has long been at an impasse.
But the partners are not going to give up the investigation. The fact is that for Mike, this business has become personal. Some attacker is trying to take revenge on Mike for the sins of the distant past. And in order to protect the people closest to themselves, a cool cop must show all his best professional skills. In this difficult confrontation, Marcus will help him, which you can always rely on in difficult times. Ahead of the bad guys will be waiting for the most dangerous task in their life. Will they be able to once again defeat crime in their hometown?