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Ashes in the Snow

Ashes in the Snow (2018)
A year before the Great Patriotic War, the Soviet command decided that it would be advisable to expand its state borders to the west in order to have a sufficient buffer zone in case of confronting Hitler's aggression. In 1940, the Red Army entered the friendly Baltic states and established full control over the territory. In a hurry, a referendum was organized on the accession of countries to the Soviet Union, which was opposed by a significant stratum of the local population, consisting mainly of a wealthy elite and clergy. Later, a mass deportation of objectionable citizens began, whose civic position did not fit into the plans of the top leadership of the USSR.
16-year-old Lina was born and raised in Lithuania in an intelligent family. Together with her younger brother, she received a good education and learned to draw well. Her hobby took away from her almost all her free time, but this did not upset her. She understood that her father did not belong to the proletariat and did not share the ideas of a single communist state where everyone is equal. Soon this became the reason for the arrival in their apartment of people in uniform and with arms in their hands for forced relocation to Siberia.