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Archer: Season 12

Identity Crisis

Archer: Season 12 (2021)
Released: 2021.
Creator: Adam Reed.
Sterling Archer is the best agent of our time, whose permanent employer is a secret espionage agency at the international level. They know that they can entrust their employee with absolutely any mission, even an impossible one - and it will be successfully completed. After all, Archer is a person who is ready to use any trick for a job well done.
Witty, adult and serious when completing tasks, after the mission ends, he transforms into a typical mama's son. Yes, it probably cannot be otherwise, if your mother is the head of the secret agency for which you work. She jealously follows the success of her beloved Sterling and leads him more strictly than all other agents!
But this is not the only thing that gives Archer inconvenience: there are two more women in his life who complicate it. The first is an ex-girlfriend named Lana, and the second is Cyril, a very seductive secretary. And she seduces mostly the best agent, and Lana does not lag behind her. In addition, he constantly has to defend his leadership, because secret agents need a global crisis as a reason for rivalry.


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