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American Dad! Season 17

Who Smarted?

American Dad: Season 17 (2021)
The plot of the animated series revolves around the Smith family. Dad Stan is a CIA agent and Republican to the bone, strong in body but stupid in mind. He has a manly chin and an always ironed suit. Francine is Stan's wife and mother of children. A typical housewife.
Moderately wise, moderately stupid. Moreover, she does not know her real parents. The son is Steve. He has certain problems in communicating with the opposite sex (girls sometimes communicate with him, only at the point of the father's official weapon). Hayley's daughter is a desperate liberal, has "hipparian" features, but she is not a hippie, although she protects nature and takes soft drugs.

Russian Doll

Stan Moves to Chicago

Shakedown Steve

Klaus and Rogu in Thank God for Loose Rocks: An American Dad! Adventure

The Wondercabinet

Little Bonnie Ramirez

Dancin A-With My Cell

Mused and Abused


Hot Scoomp


Stan & Francine & Stan & Francine & Radika

Flush After Reading

Comb Over: A Hair Piece

Plot Heavy

The Sinister Fate!!

Dr. Sunderson's SunSuckers

Family Time

Cry Baby

Crystal Clear

Steve's Franken Out