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Alita: Battle Angel

Alita: Battle Angel (2019)
Mankind still could not resist the temptation and unleashed another war, which in many ways surpassed all military conflicts of the previous time. The result was the division of the world into two parts: the celestial city of Zalem, the dream of paradise life embodied, and a huge landfill surrounded by the ruins of the once beautiful earth cities. They do not live there, but they survive - the lack of normal food, quality medical care and targeted monitoring of impudent offenders make this place a fierce cesspool, where the very concept of "man" is eroded and only animal instincts dominate.
Three centuries after the great battle, Dr. Dyson Ido accidentally finds a cyborg resembling a teenage girl in this giant garbage dump. After the repair, she cannot remember her past, but the scientist discovers that his patient has incredible combat capabilities. After a period of recovery, the cyborg, dubbed "Alita," begins an active search for his lost memories and finds his abilities unexpected use, becoming a "bounty hunter". But on her way there are heroes who do not want the broken robot to find its memory ...