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A Bad Moms Christmas

Bad Moms 2 (2017)
Genre: Comedy.
Released: 2017.
Directors: Jon Lucas, Scott Moore.
The sequel to the popular comedy about several young mothers. Until a few years ago, friends spent every evening together, visiting cafes and restaurants. And on weekends, the girlfriends threw violent parties with alcohol, coming off to the fullest. However, the marriage took away such joy from them. Now they need to do household chores, raise children and build a career. Young mothers did not have a single free minute for fun in the company of friends. When it's the turn of the next Christmas Eve, the heroines decide to break away, as in the best of times. Forgetting about any prohibitions, the girlfriends are preparing for a new crazy party.
This time, the event is in jeopardy. The reason is a surprise visit from their own mothers. The relationship of adult daughters with their mothers leaves much to be desired, which is why the arrival of relatives causes them bewilderment. Wayward girls are sure that their overage mothers are not able to understand their daily experiences. But the coming Christmas will bring together the representatives of several generations. As part of the holiday, women will find themselves in dozens of crazy situations that they will remember for the whole next year. The whole suburb will know about their family celebration!