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Zombieland (2009)
Zombieland is not a new amusement park. The whole world has turned into a zombie world. Less than one percent of the total population managed to maintain their human appearance. And it should be noted that it was far from the most worthy, courageous, or smart ones to stay in their right mind. One of the survivors is an awkward nerd and a lover of computer games, dreaming only of finally getting a girl.
He decides to find out if his parents could not survive, and goes on a trip to another state. His survival strategy is caution verging on cowardice. On the way, he meets a real cowboy, a lover of the Twinkie bar, ready for anything for an adorable treat. His second hobby is killing zombies, in this matter he is a 100% pro. According to tradition, our heroes have real problems when they meet two charming sisters. Young ladies also strive to survive in this zombie apocalypse, trying not to smudge makeup.