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Zombieland: Double Tap

Zombie land 2: Double Tap (2019)
The film takes place in the near future in the United States of America. The once huge, prosperous, wealthy state with a multimillion population was plunged into terrible chaos. The zombie apocalypse came and the cities were completely in the grip of the dead. Disgusting creatures, gathering in groups, chase the surviving people miraculously and, overtaking, tear the unfortunate into small pieces, arranging a bloody feast to satisfy their irrepressible hunger.
The protagonists of the second part of the horror comedy are still a cowardly, uncommunicative guy named Columbus, who had practically never left his room, fearing the mockery and bullying of his peers, and now forced to search for his parents, in the hope that they managed to stay alive, his mentor Tallahassee is a brutal man in a cowboy hat, able to truly enjoy life and ruthlessly eliminate monsters, and inseparable sisters Wichita and Little Rock. A brave team goes to the very heart of the country, where it suddenly encounters evolved zombies, surviving brethren and serious problems, and Tallahassee unexpectedly meets a worthy opponent.