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Wrong Turn (2021)

Wrong Turn: The Foundation (2021)
A group of young tourists wandering along the Appalachian Trail encounters a mysterious community in the forest thicket that lives by completely different laws and does not favor uninvited guests. An unexpected relaunch is a sequel to the 2003 horror film "Wrong Turn."
An elderly father comes to a small town in Virginia to find his daughter, who went camping with friends and never returned. Almost a month and a half ago, their carefree company of six people, split into pairs, decided to climb the mountains along the Appalachian Trail. Local residents have repeatedly warned guests that "the local lands do not forgive liberties." Contrary to all instructions, curious tourists leave the planned route. They will regret it very soon, when they run into deadly traps and finally go astray, getting lost in the forest. But worst of all, they notice that they are being followed. Someone lives in these wild places and watches every step of strangers who dared to cross the forbidden border.