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Wonder Woman 1984 (2020)

Wonder Woman 1984, WW84 (2020, IMAX)
Released: 2020.
Director: Patty Jenkins.
The sequel to the best movie in the DC Cinematic Universe. In it, the immortal Amazon Diana Prince finds herself on new adventures and acquires new enemies.
One of the main characters in the film is Maxwell Lord, a successful businessman with considerable resources, connections and influence. The financial shark's megalomania is gaining momentum, and leads him to the fact that he intends to become God on Earth and does not spare any means for this. In this matter, he is assisted by an expert on antiquity, Barbara Ann Minerva. She travels the world in search of ancient magical artifacts that can endow its owner with truly divine power. Thus, a mysterious relic gets to Barbara, which turns her into a distorted creature, a mixture of a man and a wild cat, after which Minerva began to refer to herself as Cheetah. Endowed with superhuman strength and agility, she longs for a bloody revenge for the Lord, as she blames him for her modification.
The Cheetah mind is clouded, aggressive and uncontrollable. And only the heroine, called the wonder woman, is able to stop her, prevent bloodshed and protect people from the awakened beast. The situation is complicated by Diana's love torments, which she carried in her heart.