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Willy's Wonderland

Genre: Action, Comedy, Horror.
Released: 2021.
Director: Kevin Lewis.
The hero of Nicolas Cage gets a job as a night cleaner in an amusement park, because the owner of the park promises that he will fix the car if Cage works his shift. The hero agrees and gets down to business. Shortly before closing, several teenagers burst into the park, who tell the silent hero that this place is cursed and the only thing that he was hired for is a sacrifice to unknown forces, but the janitor does not pay any attention to the youth, continuing to wash the floors and polish the pinball tables.
After midnight, outright devilry begins in the park - toys and slot machines come to life, obviously with not the best intentions. But Cage is not an easy nut to crack and it is not yet known who has more devilish energy. In short, if you want to watch Nicolas Cage smash up a slot machine park, don't miss Willy's Wonderland for any money.