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Weathering with You

Child of Weather (2019)
Released: 2019.
Director: Makoto Shinkai.
Morishima Hodaka is a young man who lived in a small provincial town. He studied hard, dreaming of a career as a journalist. Soon, Hodaka has an excellent opportunity to move to Tokyo, where unprecedented opportunities open up for a high school student. But joy was replaced by disappointment, since the student does not know anyone at all in the new city. Morishima Hodaka begins to lead a secluded life, rarely starting conversations with outsiders. Only after some time does a high school student manage to find a job that allows him to brighten up his loneliness. He becomes a journalist for a small Tokyo publishing house specializing in the paranormal.
And from that moment on, strange, inexplicable things begin to happen in his life. In particular, day after day it rains outside, which does not stop for a second. Morishima Hodaka decides to conduct his own investigation, hoping to find out the cause of everything that is happening. And soon fate brings him to a young girl endowed with a rare gift. A friendship is struck between them, which will change the usual life of Hodaka once and for all.