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We Can Be Heroes

We Can Be Heroes (2020)
In one country, there is a special government shelter where unique children are kept. All these young individuals are children of superheroes who have been protecting the Earth from threats and extraterrestrial civilizations for many years. Everything ends abruptly: an army of aliens was able to defeat people with superpowers and take them prisoner. The government perfectly understands the danger of the situation and decide to transport the child of superheroes and move them to a protected place where they can continue to train their skills.
Nevertheless, the absence of parents puts a lot of pressure on the children psychologically, and they want to return them. The officials are against and are doing everything possible to keep everyone and prevent them from escaping. Teenagers realize: they need to get out on their own and go in search of their parents. Not an easy task, though there is no choice. It is boys and girls who strive to become the saviors of humanity, and for this they are ready to use skills and other opportunities. You have to face aggressive aliens, and go on a dangerous journey. For a group of teenagers, this is a chance to change their lives and feel like real superheroes. For this, they leave the secret bunker, at the risk of incurring trouble, but they can help save all of humanity from total destruction.