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Wander (2020)
Arthur Bretnik is a professional detective with tremendous experience. He often has nervous breakdowns, but this does not make him less hurried in difficult work. His work requires colossal strength and a keen mind. Fortunately, the main character has similar qualities and has a natural flair. He is an intelligent person who is able to find a way out of the most difficult situations, as well as quickly make difficult decisions. In the past, a man experienced a terrible tragedy, because he buried his beloved daughter. One day in the city of Wonder, a terrible murder crime is committed.
An experienced detective is hired to investigate the case, wanting the insidious criminal to be caught and punished as soon as possible. Soon, the protagonist was able to find out that the mysterious death was associated with a criminal organization. It was she who had a hand in the death of his daughter. A man understands that there is a true duty to find out the whole truth and punish those responsible. He was determined to go all the way to repay the culprit for the death of his daughter. He will have to paint with his own life more than once, but he is ready to take such steps, realizing that no one else can achieve justice and reveal the cruel culprits.