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Venom (2018)
Genre: Action, Sci-Fi.
Released: 2018.
Director: Ruben Fleischer.
In the center of the storyline is an alien named Venom. This creature travels on different planets, finding for itself a new body in which it exists and enjoys life for some time. Meanwhile, Eddie Bruck, who works in a local newspaper, wants to produce a sensation. The unsuccessful reporter realizes that Venom’s existence is his only chance to become famous, so he will persevere with his goal.
The protagonist wants to bring to light the company, which, in his opinion, is engaged in experiments on ordinary people with the help of an unearthly object. Once a new acquaintance Eddie takes the hero to the confines of a secret laboratory, where he wanted to make unique shots for his article. But soon the situation unfolds from an unexpected side. Venom got out from behind a sturdy glass and penetrated into Eddie’s body. The main character was a special person, because he is the only one who manages to control Venom. The final promises to be hot and unpredictable.