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Unhinged (2020)
Imagine a person who is driven to white heat and extremely pissed. A person who can no longer be scared by anything. Fate threw big troubles into his trial, because of which he feels injustice towards himself and he has nothing more to lose. Such a person is to be met by the main character of the film named Rachel, who is a single mother. A young woman, hurrying to work, accidentally overtook another car, where the same man, who is literally a dangerous psychopath, was driving.
The stranger's car was delaying traffic on the highway, which made Rachel extremely angry. From this case, a real incident turned out, because the heroine did not even suspect that she had made a dangerous enemy for herself and her loved ones, whom nothing could stop. When the stranger at the wheel tried to apologize to Rachel, she ignored him, which caused a real beast to awaken in the man. The stranger decided to chase Rachel to teach her some lessons on how to avoid being around people. Will Rachel and her son be able to survive in this deadly race with a real psychopath on the tail?