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Trolls World Tour

Trolls World Tour (2020)
"Trolls World Tour" - a sequel to the world animated hit, loved by adults and children. As in the first part, the audience will be waiting for numerous musical numbers. Songs performed by leading pop singers of the world. So fans of modern music will definitely not be bored!
Poppy and Branch are complete opposites of each other. Until recently, trolls had difficulty finding a common language, preferring to act alone. But at some point, Rosette and Tsvetan were forced to unite. Pop trolls have become saviors of their kind from otherworldly evil. But the adventures of musicians do not end there. The main characters learn that our world is full of other genres and music styles. Hip-hop battles are held everywhere, a victory in which can turn an artist into an idol of millions. Open airs and live performances are also able to gather thousands of fans in one place. But one day, the troll world is once again in danger. Barb hopes to root out popular music. Only the Branch Poppy can stop the villain.