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Thor (2011)
Thor - this is the Scandinavian god, who happened to be in the United States of America, in the present tense. On the territory of the world of the gods, which is called Asgard, the thunderbird was considered the strongest of all, only in their opinion, he was very arrogant. His father is the supreme god Odin. One day, because of the Main character, the oldest confrontation with the giants begins again. In order for Thor to realize his mistake, Dad makes a decision and sends it to Earth.
Once in the world of ordinary people, he must live like them, especially since his divine powers and the hammer Mjolnir are absent. In order to return your own weapons, you must stop being arrogant. Now he is becoming wiser and more prudent, and gradually adapts himself to such a life. But only after the guy left his home, peace there has not come. All the suspicions of his friends fall on Loki, his brother, he is the treacherous god of deception. He is suspected of malicious intent, after he confirms his indirect guilt in the expulsion of a relative. Having learned about the new struggle for power, he is going to return, to save his father and the state.