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Thor: Ragnarok

Thor: Ragnarok (2017)
Thor is not destined to live in a peaceful world, another threat forces him to rise to battle with the enemy, because in case of defeat, Asgard will die in the fire of the apocalypse. The man returned to the city, pursuing his goals, but here he received information that Loki had meanly captured the royal chair, and the father of the great hero was defeated. Now the ruler of the universe is a scoundrel who brought her to complete chaos. Nine worlds simply do not exist, and soon his hometown will be plunged into ruins. Thor cannot allow such a development of events and decides to fight, knowing full well that he will have to go through a lot of difficulties and go through terrible obstacles.
His wise father Odin has already fought with Saturn, a fiery demon, now his son will have to pass the test. Only the Hulk can help in the fight, but it has yet to be found and gained as an ally. The problem requires an immediate solution, but the great warrior understands that he has to think about everything, because thousands of human lives and the restoration of justice in the vast world depend on it. What will be the price of victory and will Thor be able to pass all the trials of destiny? Nobody knows this, because the guy is surrounded by strong enemies.