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Thor: The Dark World

Thor 2: The Dark World (2013)
Having regained his divine power and returned home, Thor is engaged in restoring order in the kingdom, longing for such a distant earthly lover now. Meanwhile, in London, Jane is exploring mysterious deviations, which are the strongest sources of energy and make heavy trucks rise into the air like fluffs, and small objects disappear and appear in a completely different place. Having stepped into one of the anomalies, the girl disappears from Thor's field of vision, every evening she watches her with love from the restored Rainbow Bridge. A worried young man immediately rushes in search, finds his beloved and takes her to Asgard.
In Asgard, too, is restless - alien invaders appeared, led by the insidious and powerful villain Malekith, who want to enslave all the planets and plunge the universe into eternal darkness. The young god of thunder understands that he is unable to repulse superior enemies and defend nine worlds and all who are dear to him. And the hero makes the only right, but extremely risky decision - he is forced to ask for help from his half-brother Loki, imprisoned after the treacherous coup arranged by him.