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The Wind Rises

The Wind Rises (2013)
Jiro lives with a big dream. From an early age, he dreamed of flying. The boy quickly realized that for this purpose he needed to become a pilot. But the harsh reality did not allow bringing the main goal into reality. The reason was myopia, which did not allow him to do this. He had to admit that he was not destined to carry out his plans and become truly happy. But the boy does not want to do this. He is convinced that a congenital ailment will not prevent him from fulfilling the main dream of his existence. Jiro begins to build his own plane to fulfill his desire with his help.
People around you don't really believe that a fearless guy can do it. He wants to create the perfect plane that will be perfect even for people like him. The hero believes that vision problems cannot prevent a person from becoming a pilot and flying in the sky. Diligence and diligence allow the young man not only to advance in his business, but also to achieve great heights. In the future, he is destined to become a famous aircraft designer. But until then, the hero will have to go a long way, face the distrust of others and outright ridicule. He steadfastly withstood all the attacks, keep going towards your goal.