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The Simpsons: Season 32

Undercover Burns

The Simpsons: Season 32 (2020)
With the new thirty-second season, a true legend of American television is coming out. The animated series "The Simpsons" is one of the craziest projects, which for all its strangeness continues to be a mirror of the modern world, modern society. The authors try to always adhere to relevant topics and talk about events of a global and national scale. "The Simpsons" is set in the fictional city of Springfield, as if assembled from the parts of one constructor called "a typical American city". This is where the yellow-skinned family lives, in which everything seems to be commonplace, because each of its representatives is a collection of certain cliches, stereotypes and characteristics.
Homer is the head of the family who works at the factory, does not differ in a lively mind and tries not to worry about trifles. His wife Marge is not devoid of ambition, but the heroine is forced to be an exemplary housewife and take care of children. Bart is the son of Marge and Homer. He is a typical school tomboy who always goes against the system. Lisa, on the contrary, loves to study and behaves approximately, although sometimes her active social position irritates those around her. The plot of the animated series "The Simpsons" also touches the lives of many other inhabitants of Springfield, who also contribute their vision of the world and modern society.

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