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The Possession of Hannah Grace

The Possession of Hannah Grace (2018)
Serving in the police is not an easy task. Endless ambushes, adrenaline rush for the criminal and exhausting hours spent investigating another villainy negatively affect the psyche of people who vowed to protect innocent citizens. Personal life also often does not bring the expected feeling of a safe haven - not everyone decides to tie the knot with a constantly-coping cop. Therefore, police officers often break down: some are fenced off from the rest by an invisible wall, others go into binge, and still others seek oblivion in drugs. The last character was chosen by the main character, but the loss of respect from her colleagues, badge, and favorite work made her seek medical help.
Having successfully completed the rehabilitation course, the young woman longs to return to the ranks of society’s defenders, but the road to her is closed. Her career maximum is the position of a guard at a rehabilitation clinic, in which she got rid of addiction. But instead of a dull daily routine, she falls into the cycle of bloody events that begin after someone disfigured a body is brought to the morgue. Can a former drug addict separate truth from hallucinations and solve a mystery?