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The Poison Rose

The Poison Rose (2019)
Carson Philips, once a talented football player and a great athlete, suddenly realized that it was time to end his sports career - he could no longer compete with the new pupils of his coach, young, passionate and strong youths who demonstrated high professionalism and skill on the field. The protagonist, who was always not indifferent to women, decided to become a private detective to deal with the affairs of these charming creatures who were in trouble.
Once he takes up a standard case involving abductions. The detective discovers some interesting evidence, and soon the routine investigation suddenly turns into an intricate chain of violent and bloody crimes, mutilated corpses and many suspects.
In the course of further search activities, the man faces a small criminal group, of which Rosa is a member - his daughter, who was considered missing without a trace. Now, in order to protect a loved one, the father should hurry up with the detention of the real criminal. As he moves toward the goal, he has to expose some of the townspeople who are hiding very dirty secrets and prefer to remain in the shadows.