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The Other Guys

The Other Guys, The B Team, The Back Ups (2010)
Genre: Action, Comedy, Crime.
Released: 2010.
Director: Adam McKay.
Allen and Terry are law enforcement best friends. The main characters are accounting in one of the police stations, but not every one of them is happy with this state of affairs. Allen is happy with everything, but Terry dreams of becoming a real investigator, who quickly attacks the trail of insidious criminals and sends them to the dock, but so far the man has not had the opportunity to prove his professionalism. He believes that his work is boring and dull, but everything changes when the idols of the main characters, who are excellent detectives, find themselves in mortal danger.
Friends really want to help their older comrades, but do not even hope that fate will present them with such a surprise, but soon find out that they will be investigating this complex and confusing case. The main characters bravely go out on the warpath. They know that they will easily destroy the insidious villains and become real superheroes, but they do not even suspect that the authorities did not just exile them to the accounting department. Men find themselves in the midst of incredible events that can lead them not only to dismissal, but also to death. Despite this, the cops throw themselves into hell and hope that they can justify the trust placed in them.