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The One and Only Ivan

The One and Only Ivan (2020)
The picturesque expanses of hot countries are home to many animal prides, each of which is of particular value. While lions and other predators are looking for fresh prey, they and other animals are closely watched by hunters eager to profit from expensive goods. Gorilla Ivan was with his parents when people attacked them and took the baby away in an unknown direction. Separated from his family, a small representative of the monkey family was imprisoned in a menagerie, where he spent quite a long time. He had long forgotten about his own house, located in the jungle, until one day an elephant was settled in his neighborhood.
Stella stirred up in Ivan the pictures of happy moments spent at home, long erased from memories. For the first time, he wondered where he was truly happy, and why people had treated him so cruelly, locked him in a cage. Yes, he has friends who take care of him, but he does not want such a fate in captivity for other animals. Perhaps now the moment has come when it is worth fighting for our freedom and happiness.