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The Old Guard

The Old Guard (2020)
For more than one century, a detachment of warriors who received immortality. For peace of mind among people, they constantly resist evil. But no one should know about their existence, so they carefully hide their true nature. People should remain in the dark about the existence of such warriors. They are all from different eras, but they have one goal. They constantly have to face evil, but who is behind it all? It turned out that the opponents had organized their own dark organization.
Andy is the leader of this squad. She is smart and has excellent fighting abilities. Immortals unite in one team to make it easier to help people. And then another unpleasant event happened, people were taken hostage and immortal warriors took up the solution of this not simple problem. It so happened that they were ambushed, at which time one former policeman managed to obtain proof of their immortality. Now they have to solve this difficult problem or their secret will be revealed. While the former CIA agent is trying to implement the received video to the head of the pharmaceutical concern, another person appears among the soldiers. Will this detachment succeed in continuing to remain in the shadows, or will their existence be exposed?