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The New Mutants

The New Mutants (2020)
The well-known team "X-Men" consisting of mutants has been guarding the tranquility of people for quite a long time, saving them from enemies that humanity cannot cope with. Now the team will have new mutants with their own abilities, they are all graduates of the university founded by Xavier for such people. We will see the Scots girl Rahne, who can turn into a wolf, Illyana, the sister of another mutant from the X-Men team, she can move to any point in space and subjugate the passage of time, Sam is able to fly at super speed.
Also, the team will include Danielle, who is able to create illusions and manipulate human consciousness, the Brazilian boy Roberto, who is able to accumulate the light waves of the sun and use its energy at the moment he needs, and a sweet girl nicknamed "Storm", she is subject to the weather and atmospheric phenomena. Now the updated X-Men team will take on the role of defenders of mere mortals, and now they will guard the peaceful life of earthlings.