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The Nevers (TV Series)


The Nevers TV Series 2021
Genre: Action, Drama, Fantasy.
Released: 2021.
Creator: Joss Whedon.
The years of Queen Victoria's reign in the nineteenth century were marked by significant discoveries. A new era came after the invention of electricity, making life easier for the population. While the discoveries belong to the wealthy elite, changes continue. In London, women began to appear with incomprehensible abilities. A variety of manifestations frightens dark and uneducated people, and sometimes parents are ready to get rid of their own children, marked by this cursed gift, in any way, without even trying to figure out what is happening, but pushing everything to the tricks of Satan. For some, the emerging abilities become a real gift of fate, while others will suffer from the curse. The aristocrat Lavinia Bidlow organized a shelter for people persecuted by fellow tribesmen, not letting strangers into their possessions. New tenants, thanks to training, have strong enough ways to stand up for themselves and loved ones. But someone doesn't like it very much. The hunt is open for the gifted, they are abducted by incomprehensible creatures that vaguely resemble people, but who they really are - no one knows.
Two friends and comrades-in-arms Amalia True, the heiress of an aristocratic family, and Penance Adair, a talented inventor, are looking for the new ones, as frightened ignoramuses began to call them, and are trying to bring them to the shelter, to the rest of the rescued inhabitants, because otherwise they are in danger of torment and death.