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The Midnight Sky

The Midnight Sky (2020)
Augustine is an elderly astronomer who spends his entire life in the world of stars. When a global catastrophe occurs on Earth, Augustine is completely alone at the Arctic research station. The scientist learns that the world is coming to an end, but he still does not imagine the scale of the apocalypse. Here, at the station, Augustine meets the mysterious girl Iris, with whom he spends time while the world changes before our eyes. The researcher understands that he must do everything in order to protect the surviving people.
At this time, the crew of the spaceship "Aether" under the command are Sully returns to Earth. Until recently, astronauts explored the habitable satellite of Jupiter, on which they spent quite a lot of time and, of course, were not aware that the Earth had come to an end in their absence. Augustine and Sully are far from each other, but the fates of men are inextricably linked. The astronomer must by any means stop the return of the crew to Earth, where imminent death awaits its participants.